Work At Home – 4 Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

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Work At Home Office Tip #1 – Make your space your own.

If you are going to take onboard all the pros and cons of working at home, you may as well make your office a place you like hanging out right? So where possible keep the things you love to see surrounding yourself. This will generally keep your mood up, and make sure you are in a happy and positive mindset. Some simple examples of this: Family photos and pictures; Pictures of places you wish to travel too; Your favourite picture calendar, hanging on the wall. Fresh flowers in the home office are my personal favourite.

Work At Home Office Tip#2 – Keep your space super tidy and organized.

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to be productive and focused on the task ahead when there is random paperwork all over your desk, and knick knacks lying here and there. So take the time to visit Ikea and your local stationary shop, and pick out some fantastic office storage and organizing products. Not only are a lot of them visually pleasing on the eye, but they keep everything meticulously organized and close at hand. You never have to worry about where you keep that elusive red pen or if that form you needed to fax off is hiding again.

Work At Home Office Tip#3 – Listen to the music baby.

What is the soundtrack to your life? That one song that psyches you up. The music that puts you in a great mood, no matter how you were feeling before? The power of good music can’t be denied. With this in mind, keep music that motivates you playing as you go about your tasks. It’s sure to help keep your focus as sharp as a laser and help keep your eye on the prize as you move through your daily tasks. One great idea is to put together a playlist in iTunes of all your favour motivational music, and let that shuffle throughout the day. Slowly build it up over time and working to your new soundtrack will be a pleasure.

Work At Home Office Tip#4 – Time management list.

I like to keep a one page to a day diary next to me at all times. On it I make a list of the things I want to do for the day and log the start and finish time for each one. Doing this I’m able to look back on what I’ve done, where I have been productive, and pushes me to improve and find out where I might be losing time and focus. Simple to implement, but it makes a world of difference. I urge you to try it out.

I hope these tips have rubbed off and given you some fresh insights as to how you can make working at home more enjoyable. If you are interested in other cool tips and tricks for work from home warriors, be sure to check out our work at home blog.

Source by Sarah Elson

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Work At Home – 4 Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office
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