What’s The Difference Between Domain Flipping And Website Flipping?

Whilst some people are familiar with website flipping, the process of selling a website for money, not many people are familiar with domain flipping.

When you flip a website you typically sell the domain with it. Domain flipping is different in that you are not selling a website, just a domain name with no content on it.

Domain flipping can be very profitable with some domains selling for millions of dollars, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

If you are looking to flip a domain then you need to findsomething that is of potential value to your buyers. A rare two, or three letter domain you can probably sell regardless of the letters, but try selling hoashdioasdhj.com and you'll find no one is interested.

Domains are only valuable if they have value to someone. One previously popular method was to buy the domain name of a famous person or company and sell it to them for a profit when they wanted it. However, with the changes in the domain name disputes system most people who do this have their domains removed. If you want some legal hot water and have the money to spare in a legal battle then by all means follow this route, but for most of us it's a waste of time.

Domains are valuable when they can be branded, e.g. Amazon, Google, eBay. All of these mean very little by themselves but have been turned in to brands online. If you happen to own a domain name that someone wants to turn in to a brand then it will be valuable.

Other times domain names are words that are valuable to companies, e.g. diy.com is owned by Britains biggest home improvement company. Sex.com has been at the centre of many ownership battles because it is valued at tens of millions of dollars. Other domains that are single words have sold for a lot of money too.

Perhaps the easiest way to earn from Domain flipping is to find keyword based domains that will appeal to Internet marketers. These are a group of people who are looking to invest in domain names based around keywords they are targeting. Whilst they may not pay thousands of dollars for a domain name, you can certainly earn a tidy profit on the $10 registration fee.

Domain flipping is something that you can consider as an additional stream of income either as well as website flipping. It is a great source of income and could prove very valuable to you when you do both together.

Source by Yew Heng Chiong

What’s The Difference Between Domain Flipping And Website Flipping?
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