What are Negative Affirmations?

What are affirmations? First, the word affirm is similar to confirm. It's a statement that you confirm to be true. When used in the context of clinical and therapeutic psychology it's a self esteem boosting technique. Basically when you use the technique, you're defining and becoming aware of negative affirmations you believe to be true about yourself, and at the same time creating powerful and life changing affirmations about yourself you'd like to be true, or more so.

I recently purchased "Money to Be Made Online", but was too lazy to properly implement the amazing techniques I learned in the book. I started analyzing my conscious to sub-conscious streams of thought and realized I was negatively affirming my laziness. After utilizing the techniques I'm about to outline in the following series of articles called "Affirmations", you will to be able to build a successful online enterprise using "Money to Be Made Online", and the amazing powers of positive, life changing, affirmations.

Many people walk around all day sub-consciously repeating negatively charged statements. How will you ever become successful if you first don't change the sub-conscious belief that you aren't successful? One of the tricks to success is first belief, and then opportunity. If you don't fully believe you are successful or at least on the way, you won't be able to maximize opportunities that would otherwise lead to success.

Before we can become self-affirming, we need to learn about the effects of negativism in our lives. Negative statements such can have an adverse on our quality of life. Negative beliefs you have about yourself, even if they may be true, are detrimental when you remind yourself daily of them. Negative statements about yourself which sprinkle your everyday conversation, such as jokes about how you truly feel, even though you're joking, it's just a coping mechanism for a deeper issue. Negative descriptions given to you by members of your family or your friends can either consciously or sub consciously effect how you feel.

Negative feedback you get from your work, or your family, or your school, all send signals of failure to your subconscious. If these massive amounts of "failed" and negative stimuli aren't countered, you're brain will be wired to ultimately fail. Without the proper emotional awareness and knowledge of how these things can affect you, you're bound to be overwhelmed. Have no fear! In this article I'll teach you how to recognize signs of distress, and eventually turn them into a benefit.

Negative ideas you have about your weight, body type, sexuality, anything physical about you, also add to your overall self esteem. These hidden and secret desires to be different are your sub-conscious' assessment that you're not good enough, the same function is used when working on a project. You'll feel motivated until it's over. Well you've been filling your head with negative statements about your body; sub-consciously your brain feels like you're an un-finished project so to speak.

Negative assessment that you determine true about yourself, whether or not someone else said it or you come up with it, will also affect you. There's a big difference between constructive criticism and detrimental criticism, and a fine line between the two. Anything people say about your level of education, ability, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, or common sense, can have adverse, or beneficial effects on your self esteem, level of success, and happiness. If you internally accept these judgments, either positive or negative, it could be detrimental. Positive statements are better to deal with, but a re dangerous because your self esteem depends on others judgments, instead of an internal function.

These affirmations can affect how you work, study, or act in a relationship. In the next article I'll go into details about how affirmations can affect your life, for the good and for the bad. Remember that with the power of positive affirmations, you can utilize "Money to Be Made Online" to create a business that supports your entire family! Until them I hope to see you in the lands of success of happiness, ciao!

Source by Keith Londrie

What are Negative Affirmations?
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