Using an Ouija Board – Frequent Questions & Answers

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Questions raised when using a Ouija board and answers provided based on my own experiences:

Is the board evil or dangerous?

I never really understood this question.  No the board is not dangerous.  I have had a couple of very strong spirits come through who were persistent and arrogant but I have never experienced any danger as such.  Of course, there are negative/evil spirits out there, just as you have evil people in this world, but remember spirits are all around us, everywhere, all the time.  The board itself is not evil, nor dangerous and in saying this, the board should also not be associated with the Devil or Demons!

Do I need any symbols like a pentagram?

It is entirely up to you. If you personally feel safer using a pentagram then use one.  Being in control is a state of mind. If you feel stronger using a symbol or crystals or anything then go for it.  It won’t make any difference to the spirit, it is entirely for yourself and your own peace of mind.

Will I get haunted?

I have no idea. People get haunted without ever even using a board.  This question is a bit like asking “If I drive a car will I have an accident”.

How do I contact someone I knew?

You invite them to come to talk to you. Never ever summon someone from the other side unless it is an emergency. I have utmost respect for spirit and I personally do not agree with forcing them to come through. They have jobs to do on the other side too.

How will I know that my friends or perhaps even myself are not pushing the planchette or glass?You will never know if someone else is pushing it, you need to trust your instinct. As long as you rest your fingertips very lightly on the glass or planchette there is no way you would be able to push or pull it.

I need information from someone who has passed on?

This is not always possible. You cannot expect too much from what you receive through the board and you cannot always trust the spirit you are talking to is the person who you are trying to contact.  Always bear in mind that any information you receive through the board may not be truthful.

How do I know if the spirit is telling the truth?

You must always be very careful and never take any information you receive as gospel. Write it all down, discuss it, and perhaps even investigate the information given to you later.

If a family member comes through to speak to me, is it really them?

If someone who claims to be a family member comes through on my board I ask certain questions that only myself and the spirit should know the answer to.  Even then I advise caution.

What do I do if I feel unsafe?

Most spirits can only linger for a couple of minutes as it is extremely exhausting for most.  Many also do not know how to use the board properly and by the time you have taught them how it works, they disappear.  If however, you receive a strong spirit through and you do not feel as though they have gone after saying goodbye, I advise burning white sage (available on eBay, for example, or any new age shop) and wafting the smoke in and around your house.  Please make sure you burn it in a fireproof dish and ensure it is properly extinguished when you have finished.

Will the spirits harm my animals?

Not to my knowledge.  Animals are sensitive to spirit and so I believe they can hold their own anyway.

Will I be judged for using a board when I die?

In a word, no… unless you hold incredible guilt for the rest of your life for using one then you will make your own judgement.

Where do I buy a Ouija Board from & how much are they?

You can buy them anywhere these days and prices vary.  You can also make one yourself or download one from the web which usually consists of two A4 sheets of paper.  All you need to do is print it out, tape the two halves together and bingo you have an instant Ouija board.  If you have a laminator you can laminate it too!  As a pointer you can use a coin, glass, flat crystal .. just about anything.

If I use a glass as a pointer should I break it afterwards?

Unfortunately the Media hype surrounding Ouija boards has to take the blame for this question.  No you don’t need to break anything. It won’t make any difference to whatever you are trying to achieve apart from make a mess and leave you one glass down in your cupboard!

What happens if the board says that I am going to die or something bad is going to happen?

Shut the board down and don’t ever dwell on this information as it is unlikely to be true.  This will most likely be one of your friends moving the pointer/planchette to scare everyone as a joke.

Will the board start moving on it’s own when I am not touching it?

No, it is not possible.  Spirits require your energy to move the planchette and even this is extremely tiring and exhausting for them.  It is virtually impossible for a spirit to move something from its own energy.  Poltergeists are a completely different entity and are not usually relevant for Ouija board experiences.

Will my spirit guides talk to me?

Actually, probably not.  They are your guides to guide your spirit and higher self.  It is rare for them to make themselves known to you on a physical level unless you are spiritually ready.

I am under 18, can I use a board?

For your own safety I would advise against using a board until you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually mature enough to hold control over the board and over yourself.  There is a reason why the age 18 was made the legal age for many things and I also believe that at around 18 (give or take a year) you are generally more experienced and probably have an entirely different outlook on life and death than a perhaps a 14 year old would, for example.

If anyone has any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Safety Note:

Do not use the board for longer than an hour and a half. This is exhausting for both yourself and the spirits, and can be harmful.

It is always advisable to “ground” yourself afterwards by eating and drinking something.

The more you use the board the more spirit activity it will create (similar to a magnet). The board can become addictive to some people and this is harmful, not only to your well being but this can also attract unwanted negative energies and bad spirits. It is advisable to not use the board more than twice a week.

Be safe, be successful – but most of all enjoy!

Source by Sandy Cristel

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Using an Ouija Board – Frequent Questions & Answers
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