“Twittertising” – The Art of Advertising with Twitter

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Now that Twitter has emerged onto the world’s stage as the leader in micro-blogging people are beginning to awaken to the real reason Twitter exists in the first place.

Twitter is a FREE source of advertising and it should be treated as such.

Twitter is like a huge online newspaper where you can run as many ads as you want for no cost.

Why spend your time micro-blogging what you are doing and what your interests are when you can just as easily publish adverts using Twitter and reach possibly millions of people around the world ?!?

How effective would it be to simply post and endless stream of adverts using Twitter ?  Possibly more effective than you think.

The process is very simple.

Download the Twitter API for the language of choice and then write a bit of code – the rest takes care of itself.

You might want to collect some content to micro-blog about or you can simply toss together some verbs and adverbs with some small connecting words and build yourself an automatic micro-blogging tool that runs in the background issuing Twitz or Tweets on a regular basis without so much as having to do anything else with it other than to update your pile of content.

Can you get people to follow a seeming random series of Twitz and remain interested ?  Again you might be surprised by the answer to this question but that’s Twitter to be sure.

Can you get people to buy based on this sort of advertising ?  This remains the important question and there are many people out there doing research right now as to how to answer this question.

The fact that people will follow an empty Twitter feed is interesting.  Not as many people may choose to follow an empty stream of Twitz but some do.

Is this a high quality form of advertising ?  Maybe or maybe not but you cannot argue with the price which is FREE.

Can Twitter find a way to monetize this form of FREE advertising ?  I am sure the folks at Twitter would love to find a way to answer this one also.

One thing is for sure, Twitter may not be able to close the lid on FREE advertising now that the Genie is out of the bottle and the whole world is learning how to use Twitter as an advertising platform.

For more on this topic see http://www.VyperLogix.com.

Source by Ray Horn

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“Twittertising” – The Art of Advertising with Twitter
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