THE WORK AT HOME LIFE. A Life Made Easy Online.: Tips, Tools & Strategies That Work (Blog By The Sea Book 1)

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Who This Book Is For.

The dreamer. This book is for the average Joe or Josephine who wants to build their current business, opportunity or, new niche online. No matter what your business is or, what you want it to be, this book is for you.

See, here we are going to skip through the hyperbole and sensationalism we find online, not too mention in the countless downloadable books we find on Amazon!

Here I wanted to not only give you the information about the platforms and strategies you need to use in which to convince and convert new customers or clients, but actually tell you how to use them too!

And, because you bought my book, which I thank you so very much for, I am going to give you lifetime access free to the live webinars and training library at the end of the book.

But please, before you skip there, make sure you read this book, because at the end, I am going to teach you a valuable lesson you cannot understand unless you do.

Like you, I needed direction. Like you I needed the knowledge of marketing effectively online. Like you I needed the fears eased about the “technology” thing. And, like you, I needed a swift kick in the pants from time to time to keep me on track.

This book, if you feel any of these above…,is for you. So, with that, WELCOME.

David Boozer is a believer, husband, father and professional blogger who resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and blogs from a mountain top while drinking large amounts of coffee…. You can visit him at

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free passive income

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