Take the Time to Get Happy – At Least Once, or a Few Times a Day – The Benefits Can Eliminate Stress

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*Happiness is a great way to get through the heart of your day- Everyday in one way or another- find a way to take a happiness break! Whether reading your I-pad or playing with your dog or cat,do something DAILY that makes you happy!!

Laughing is so good for the mind, the soul and kind to the brain- we should ALL strive to laugh a little more, than we currently do, everyday! Did you know that laughing can help minimize or eliminate your stress and cortisol levels? Look it up! I did and frankly, I was astounded by the results that I found… It changes the mind/body trajectory both physically and chemically in many immediate ways! It loosens tight muscles, helps your breathe easier and invites more reasons to laugh and get happy over and over again! To laugh a lot more opens the door for more reasons to be content, MAKE IT A DAILY EVENT…

Yeah, there is nothing more hearty to the soul than a good cry or a hearty laugh. Take the time to have presence of mind; renew or refocus your rapid, heart-pounding adrenaline exhausting energy or trajectory by inviting impromptu opportunities to laugh and get happy!

Live to laugh, if only in short spurts, otherwise things that we perceive may get construed as hurtful or offensive- a laugh breaks makes things hurt a lot less. Don’t take yourself too seriously, at least not all day… Consciously decide to take control of your emotional or stressful events by taking the time to laugh, cry or to at least decompress, especially before making major decisions.

Laughing brings joy to the brain and flips the switch focus onto comedy, or something that we find whimsical,or silly at best. The good thing about laughing is that it has no ceiling and requires no testing, or measuring to be a successful accomplishment!

We are all doing a lot of things, simultaneously, and sometimes we get to invested in the pressure that it takes to complete everything. Whether or not,we are able to meet deadlines, timelines or another’s expectations gets exhausting.

Find your solace, or your favorite book, magazine or form of diversion to make the conversion a simple feat. Laughing should be easy! Know what and who makes you laugh, seek their energy or presence. *** Welcoming jovial energy around you allows you to laugh, smile, grin or even release a giggle is ALL the Universe can ask of you..

I have a few examples of ways to laugh… Try reading a corny joke book. It’s so corny that you’ll laugh anyway. Or, text your brother and send him a funny photo of him with long hair and a bright tie-dye shirt that he wore back in the 80’s. Tell him that you have a great picture and you need his approval to post it on Facebook. Perhaps you can do the same to your sister too! Text her a picture of the lopsided cake that she baked her boyfriend from 20 years ago; she thought looked beautiful! You get the picture? DO something whimsical, and get yourself and others to chuckle, LOL (laugh out loud), or do anything that gets you to be happy for a few moments each day! You Tube has a lot of funny videos that you can view and pass along to family members or friends to share and to laugh along with you.

Happiness, joy, and laughing are all good for the soul and if not easily found, should be sought daily, even if in small doses.

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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Take the Time to Get Happy – At Least Once, or a Few Times a Day – The Benefits Can Eliminate Stress
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