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Hello everyone
i am professional SEO Certificate, Now you can get yourself or your web specialist trained to do SEO multiple websites. Lear the Real techniques in SEO that sends your site to the top learn from the leading SEO service provider that offers guaranteed top 6 ranking SEO service. Learn the secrets of how we helped achieved more than 1, 0000 keywords on Google and also helping our clients achieve more than 100 keywords ranking No. 1 on Google, Bing and yahoo

30% Course outline showing in Description
Internet AND Search Engine Basics

Keywords Research and Analysis

On PAGE Optimization


Reports and Management

Social Book marking

Social Media Networking

Video Marketing


Introduction to SEM and Ad words

Ad words Account Setup

Creating First Campaign

Ad groups and Keywords

Ads Format and Ad Guidelines

Display Network Targeting

Conversion Tracking

Website Optimizer

Reports and Improving Conversions

Multi User Access


Book Create by Certified and Experienced Trainers.
SEO Tools
Picking a Product
Picking a Domain Name
Domain Registration & Hosting
Keyword Selection
Page Optimization
Home Page Optimization
Site Optimization
Registering With Directories
Link Building
When Algorithm Changes Occur
Common SEO Abuse Techniques
Appearing Natural
Social Considerations
Closing Tips
SEO as a Standalone Product
The Social Elements of Relevancy
Starting from Broke
Questions, Comments & Concerns
Interactive Elements
Finding Prospects
Interactive Elements
Some Notes
The Goal of Search Engines & How They Work
Origins of the Web
Commercialized Cat & Mouse
Choosing a Domain Name
Interactive Elements
Some Notes
Learning Your Subject
Changing Your Site
Generating Revenue
Interactive Elements
Some Notes
Meta Tags
Page Title Tag Done Wrong
Page Title Tag Done Right
Information Scent
Internal Linking
Optimizing Your Page Copy
Building Content
Unexplored Waters
Interactive Elements
Some Notes
Search Engines versus Directories
Submitting Your Site
Social Interaction and Links
General Directories
Niche Directories
The Active Web
Interactive Elements
Some Notes
The Major Search Engines
Yahoo! Search
Comparing Search Results
Interactive Elements
Some Notes
Text in Incoming Links
Exchanging Links
Requesting Links
Evaluating the Quality of a Link
Free Links & Buying Links
Waiting for Results
Customizing Your Browser for SEO
Interactive Elements
Some Notes
Problems with Manufacturing Relevancy
Real versus Artificial
Things Google Can Track
My Tinfoil Hat Theories…
Is Your Site Future Ready?
Don’t Discount the Present Opportunity
Blurring Editorial vs. Ads & Editors vs. Users
Market Edges
Some Notes
When Results Don’t Show
SEO Worst Practice Manual
Other Problems
Speeding Things Up: Paid Inclusion
Other Search Engines
Interactive Elements
Before You Start
What is Pay-Per-Click?
Yahoo! Search Marketing
Ad Writing Tips
Earning (and Buying) Trust
Google Ad Words
Bonus Info: How to Improve CTR and Slash Google Ad Words Costs to Maximize Profits:
Microsoft ad Center
Other PPC Providers
Resources Cited
Some Notes
The Goal of this e-book
What are Your Goals?
SEO Business Models
More Information on Buying SEO Services
Online Auctions
Writing Articles
Ideal Clients
Where to find Clients
Questions to Ask Clients
Being Your Size
Contracting & Outsourcing
Cold Calling
Niche SEO: Real Estate
Sales Cycle
Dependency on Free Traffic
Affiliate Sites & Passive Income Streams

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SEO Professional Book and Tools: SEO Certificate Tools
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