Seniors’ New Year Resolutions

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If we were brutally honest with ourselves, we’d admit that our new year’s resolutions don’t seem to last very long into the forthcoming year. So how about we change that by making next year’s resolution something that is worthwhile, useful and really matters. Do something that matters and will ultimately make a difference and that can help not just us, but also help and support those around us.

Learn More about Technology

We live in an increasingly digitised world and it moves at such a rapid pace and sometimes you can feel quite isolated from the world around you if you don’t understand it. Technology is made to be as easily understood by everyone as possible, especially older generations, so use this to your advantage. Have a younger relative or someone who knows more about the technological world to show you some things. The benefits from learning to use technology are astounding. You’ll learn new ways to communicate with your loved ones, even those who live abroad, much more easily through the use of things such as Skype, Facebook and Twitter. It also makes life a lot easier if you are able to do things such as shopping online. In some cases it can even save you money if you are able to use special online discounts or offers.

Read More

With a lot of people fixated with other new pieces of technology nowadays, we often forget just how simple it is just to pick up a book and read. Reading is a simple pleasure and can cost next to nothing and with the introduction of things such as the Amazon Kindle books have never been more accessible than they are today meaning that you can revisit old favourites or discover something completely new. This is also a huge health benefit as according to the NHS, reading regularly can help decrease the risk of things such as dementia and other mental health issues. If money is an issue and you can’t buy books regularly then it’s always a great idea to get a library card, which in most cases will cost nothing at all.

Reach Out to Old Friends or Make New Ones

It’s become much easier in the modern world to reach out to those friends whom we may have lost touch with over the years. New methods of communication such as social media provide a whole new way to reconnect with old friends. Arrange to do things with them and reminisce about old times. This can also be great for your overall health as arranging to meet up with friends can help you be more active and even improve your mental health, even if it is just talking through social media or Skype on the odd occasion.

Hopefully whatever it is you choose to do for your new year’s resolution will be something that means something to you or can help improve your everyday life and not just something that falls by the wayside after the first few weeks of the year. The best resolutions are simple ones but they can really go a long way.

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Seniors’ New Year Resolutions
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