Security Logo Design – Dependence

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An image elucidating protection at all costs, resonating security, diligence, fortification and resilient surveillance is what a designer would have as an abode intuiting along the way while designing a lucrative image for a security house. Contributing factors such as hints of specialization of an organization would fall in – only when a design house coherently absorbs the organizations motto and values simultaneously.

It’s very easy to design a security cover or banner with an image of a CCTV camera, wireless phone or just wireless signals given the fact that it could be either for Online or Offline security. But how does one manage to surge within the competition that exists? – Exclusivity – All it would take to make a security logo design a true hit within the eyes of the beholders is the current trends that are being followed along with nothing but uniqueness and a dash of the specialty an organization has to offer.

Almost all security organizations have their security logo designs depicted with wireless signals or phones & cameras to depict surveillance and impeccable strength, so how does a logo stand out?

Client & Designer – Rapport for Safekeeping

A designer must be able to abide by the characteristics of the vision divulged by the organization he/she is designing for. An in-depth overview of the organization would lead to the motivational factor exuberating a unique hint or a complete image for the corporates security logo. Rapport would automatically lead to mutual understandings thus obliging and working towards a constructive idea revealing the organizations true identity, futuristic goals, past & the current motto.


Pigment Intensity

A security logo design would be classified in to two. Online and Offline Security. Whether it’s the neighborhood watch patrol or just another security software, the logo would be communicating all that there is to it, in a matter of split seconds. Setting an impression and knowing that the masses would be viewing the identity online, on banners, business cards and accessories, it is significant to choose just the right blend of color coats for the complete image to stand out, remain transparent and easily decipherable at the very first glance. Colors are irrelevant as long as the logo looks good and remains communicative in black and white.

Obviously most black and white logos work extraordinarily, however when a client requires a logo to have 2 colors or specific colors incorporated within a security logo design, then the choice may vary from light blue, bottle green, standard red for offline security. For online security, colors are perhaps the only backbone enticing a user as an when glanced upon in order to take a chance – amidst the tough competition of other antivirus and antimalware’s present. Colors such as yellow, dark blue, white, red, black, purple and the most appealing 2 color combination would ideally be utilized. 

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Security Logo Design – Dependence
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