Rich Dad Poor Dad For Teens – Work to Learn, Not to Earn

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Rich Dad Poor Dad For Teens is a book specially written for teenagers who want to learn to speak the language of money and the secrets about money. It is written by Robert T. Kiyosaki with co-writer Sharon L. Lechter. Robert Kiyosaki found at a young age a mentor (his Rich Dad), who taught him about money and investing. He was the father of his friend Mike. Robert Kiyosaki became so successful he was able to retire at his forties.

In this book Robert Kiyosaki tells his story about how he and Mike learned at a young age about money by simple games and funny pictures. One of the lessons they were taught was ‘Work to earn, not to learn’. By working, you can learn a lot of things, and this is a much faster way of learning than sitting in a classroom. Therefore, Rich Dad insisted teaching the boys what he knows in a ‘working’ way. And while you are working, you can see new opportunities. Rich Dad offered the two children a job at one of his businesses, a small supermarket, for ten cents an hour and told he he would teach them. The two took the job and worked. After a while they were very angry (because Rich Dad did not say anything to them at work) and Robert went to visit Mike’s dad.

He had to wait a long time, but after Rich Dad signaled to come in, Rich Dad said to him that teaching not always means talking. Life teaches you in a very different way. It pushes you around, and every push means: Wake up, and learn. When life is pushing you, so push back. It is not always the right thing to do, but most of the time it is. Do not let fear and other emotions make the decisions for you. For example, when you say that your grade is low because your teacher dislikes you, your fear probably is that you are destined to fail, or something like that. But do not let your fear make you think people are against you, do something what could change the situation, like talking to your teacher. So school teaches you in classroom-style, by talking ad lectures, but that is not the way life teaches you. While you are working (to learn), think about what life might be teaching you. Robert concluded money had too much control over him, but he wanted to have control over the money instead.

I hope this will be helping you in your life. Have fun learning!

Source by Joy Ter Welle

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Rich Dad Poor Dad For Teens – Work to Learn, Not to Earn
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