Report Writing for Beginners – The Freebie Report

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Offering free reports to help your readers learn from your market expertise and know-how and help them build their business will earn you respect and gain you subscribers. Here’s a how-to that makes the simplifies the writing process.

Writing is a skill. If you know you can’t write well, learn how. If you can’t or don’t want to, hire a ghostwriter to write for you. But if you have decent writing skills and want to learn to write a report easily and quickly, read on. These few points will be a big help.

Define a topic in your niche that will benefit your readers. Assuming you are in affiliate marketing, you could write a report on setting up a blog, building a list, or generating traffic. You already know the subject matter if you have done it yourself so very little, if any, research is necessary.

Here are the essentials to report creation:

  1. Prepare an outline. Start with an attention grabbing headline and then list the topics you will cover in your report. List points that you will address for each topic.
  2. With your outline in hand use it to get your words flowing. Start from the beginning and give accurate and up-to-date information for each section that will give your reader beginning how-to information. You want to give necessary info but not everything. Keep it useful but simple.
  3. Accent it for more appeal. Use good formatting – bold your titles and subtitles. If you have more information on a topic to offer, give a URL to it in the text.
  4. Conclude with a list of resources. Here you will include free resources as well as products you have created and have for sale as well as the affiliate products of others you recommend.

These four simple steps are the makings of a report you can write in less than a day, place it on your site and offer to your visitors and subscribers for free. A report of interest can serve you in many ways. Offer it to anyone who subscribes to your list. You get a subscriber, they get a free report that can help them build their business. If you offer a report of real value you will gain a loyal list member in the process.

Source by Cynthia Mosher

free passive income

Report Writing for Beginners – The Freebie Report
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