Oceanside Wealth Builders Review – Scam Or Not?

Oceanside Wealth Builders is a business opportunity that promotes capitalizing on the digital wealth craze, as they refer to it. In this article we will review whether this is a scam or not and if it is a business opportunity you should look closer at.

Unlike many business opportunities on the Internet today, Oceanside Wealth Builders is an MLM business opportunity that combines Forex Trading in a way that gives you the opportunity to recruit distributors and earn a passive income. Having a financial product with a network marketing business model provides a tremendous opportunity for you.

Here are a few of the facts about Oceanside Wealth Builders.

1. You join this business opportunity by being sponsored by someone. Once you are a distributor you will have your own website that you can enroll new distributors with as well.

2. They offer training webinars, a monthly basis, so you can learn exactly how to build your business.

3. It costs $60 to join and contains a monthly membership fee.

4. The product is Forex trading and uses the same technology that large financial institutions use to make their money.

5. You will be trained on how to invest in offshore assets.

One concern that people do have when dealing with a financial program such as this on the Internet, is whether or not their identity and their money is safe. Oceanside Wealth Builders uses their own payment processor therefore your money is always inaccessible to anyone that doesn't have your encrypted personal information. This makes it one of the most secure systems available online today.

The key question you have to ask yourself when building a network marketing business is do you like the product and can you recruit new members and build a downline. Having a personal attachment to the product is important because on the Internet today in recruiting people into a business opportunity revolves around the product first and foremost.

Making Money is a given with MLM businesses if youcan recruit people. The reason mostpeople fail is because they do not have a personal attachment to the product, and they quit whentheyare actually not making money.

The nice thing about an Internet MLM such as Oceanside Wealth Builders is you can build a worldwide business very quickly without doing any face to face recruiting. You will have to master Internet marketing skills which they can help you with as well.

In summary, Oceanside Wealth Builders is not a scam because they offer legitimate products and have a compensation plan that anyone can make money with.

Source by Susan Truett

Oceanside Wealth Builders Review – Scam Or Not?
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