Most Popular Blogs Share 3 Key Characteristics

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Popular blogs get that way for a reason and looking around on the internet it appears this popularity stems from a particular style of blog posting. Now I am not referring to the frequency of their blog entries but actually something more subtle than that. Most every successful blog displays an ability to communicate effectively with their readers.

Of course it is always a good start to strive towards making sure that any blog entries posted to your site contains some type of interesting or useful information. This is a great way to attract readers but it is just a start! The way you ‘deliver’ your information is what compels the blog reader to RETURN!

Here are 3 ‘ingredients’ that only you as an individual can add to your blog posting that will make it stand out and attract a ‘hungry’ mob looking for more.

Communicate Your Thoughts

Being able to convey your thoughts in a clear manner is critical. You do not want your readers misunderstanding you or worse NOT understanding you at all. Another thing you want to avoid is making readers struggle just to try and understand what it is you are saying.

Any successful blog presents its content in a way that is more like a casual conversation. Using short sentences and paragraphs without the use of an extensive vocabulary is highly effective at ‘easily’ communicating your thoughts.


Your blog posting should also include any opinions or experience you can share with the reader on the topic. Yes readers are interested in your point of view so share it with them when the opportunity presents itself.

When you stop to consider it many of our opinions are formed by the opinions of others so let yours be known. If the blog reader has an opinion they can ‘fire’ back at you by leaving a comment.

Make Points Quickly

Most blog entries are relatively short in length and therefore (usually) get to the point of their post quickly. Do not post blog entries that read like suspense novels by leaving readers ‘hanging’ until the end. Let people know where you are taking a certain topic as early on in the content as possible.

Most of the popular blogs you see all display an ability to communicate even the most ‘generic’ news in a way that appeals to the blog reader. It is not always WHAT they say in their blog entries but HOW they say it that makes them so popular! The 3 ‘ingredients’ we spoke of above are something that can ONLY be supplied by the individual blogger and what make the site so unique. Paying more attention to ‘how’ you deliver your messages and ‘adding’ a little more of the ‘element of you’ will help to keep readers returning.

Source by TJ Philpott

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Most Popular Blogs Share 3 Key Characteristics
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