Modern Trends In Tradeshow Giveaway Promotional Items

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Exhibiting at tradeshows is an excellent way for a company to become noticed. Few events offer such a large, captive audience with expressed interest in what the company is offering. Tradeshow exhibiting continues to evolve and tradeshow marketing must evolve with it. By jumping on the biggest trends in tradeshow giveaway promotional items and exhibiting in general, marketers leverage the power of the event.

Social Media Makes Its Mark

When asked what they thought the biggest tradeshow marketing trend would be during 2012, most exhibit experts mentioned social media. Their prediction became reality as more marketers used Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote themselves before tradeshows and keep in touch with prospects and customers unable to attend. Promotions at tradeshows rewarded attendees who checked in at the venues via social media and posted status updates throughout these events.

Exhibitors also began using social media to provide attendees with access to data at tradeshows. Even their giveaways are now aligned with social media strategies. Customization includes details about company Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts and more promotions are featuring Pinterest account details. Tradeshow attendees can connect with the business from the exhibit hall simply by using a smartphone. Social media updates inform them of contests, presentations, and other special events taking place on the tradeshow floor, causing them to make return visits.

Social media is an easy way to engage with tradeshow attendees during any time of day. When seminars and breakout sessions end, attendees check their phones to see what is happening in the exhibit hall. They then electronically map their routes to include stops at booths offering products and services relevant to their needs. Social media enables exhibitors to interact and engage attendees throughout a tradeshow.

Exhibits Integrate Technology

Tablet computers have revolutionized the way that many people live. As prices become more reasonable, these devices are beginning to make their mark on tradeshow exhibits. Exhibitors can pull up product images, details, and shipping information from these handheld devices, providing booth visitors with everything they need to know. They can take their handheld computers with them while touring the exhibit hall and can gather leads in the process. Exhibits themselves are being integrated with tablets, including QR codes and app details so visitors can connect immediately upon arrival at the booth.

As technology permeates the tradeshow floor, exhibitors look for ways to integrate it into promotional giveaways. Computer accessories are a natural choice and include flash drives, folios that protect tablet computers, and tablet covers. One of the most in-demand giveaways is a combination tablet cover and Bluetooth keyboard. Tradeshow attendees enter contests to win popular technology prizes like this one.

In coming years, trends in tradeshow giveaway promotional items will continue to focus on technology. Rapid changes in technology will change the shapes, sizes, and functions of these promos. Marketers must keep up with the trends and use these to their advantage. This will make their tradeshow booths the most popular in the exhibit hall as attendees crowd around to get giveaways.

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Modern Trends In Tradeshow Giveaway Promotional Items
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