Make Money Selling Books Online

Do you want an easy way to make some extra cash quickly? Do you books just laying around that may be worth money? Then selling them online is quick easy and can be very lucrative! Below are a few places to locate books.

1. Books That You Already Own

Of course the easiest is what you already have on hand. Old textbooks, books that you have already read, books that your kids have outgrown, and always the "I have no idea where that book came from".

2. Book Sales

There are many places to find book sales. Just search for library book sales in a search engine and many will come up. Many have great features like searching by state and having them show up on a map.

3. Liquidations

There are many website that sell books in bulk. Either in auction formats or just waiting for you to purchase. You can purchase new or used books or a combination. Books purchased this way are more expensive since you have to pay for shipping and books tend to weigh a lot.

4. Garage Sales

This is a obviously an easy and quick way to find books. Garage sales are everywhere pretty much all year around. There is always an ample supply for people trying to clear out their clutter so it is a bonaza for the book seller.

5. Estate Tag Sales

These are always fun. This is a great resource to find old books that can be worth a lot of money. They are similar to actions except the price is tagged. Typically the 1st day of 100%, the 2nd day is 75% and the 3rd day is half off.

6. Thrift Store / Re-sale Shops

This is a great place to locate and but books for a very reduced rate. Sometimes as little as a $.25 up to maybe $1.00. I try to hit these locations weekly in order to find the best buys.

7. Auctions

These can be great fun but be sure not to get too caught up in bidding process. It is really easy to overpay for books. Sometimes they have boxes that are closed up so you have no idea what is in them. It is thrilling to open them up afterwards!

There are many websites that specialize in selling items without the having your own website. I would just recommend that you use a reputable company that is very well known. That will ensure that your books will be able to be found and purchased!

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Source by Laura Myers

Make Money Selling Books Online
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