Kindle eBook 7 Keyword Tool: Check create search niches in KDP self-publishing details search results online service

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Thank you for checking out this eBook.

I hope it is helpful for people interested in using the right 7 Keywords allowed in the KDP setup. This is a companion to “Kindle 7 Keyword Tips: About the seven keywords allowed in the KDP eBook Details for beginners.”

This eBook is about a place online at: that for checking the 7 keywords allowed in the KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing.

This isn’t like a Kindle Spy program which looks for high paying keywords. This is about people that wright content and need to make sure the keywords show their eBooks in the Kindle Store and where they appear in terms of page rank. Keywords is like a fish swimming upstream. The goal here is to assist original content authors.

The 7 Keyword Tool is about helping authors that publish Kindle eBooks find out if the keywords:
Which are possible candidates to use.
Check the current 7 keywords used.
Find future keywords to use.

The 7 keywords tool is simple yet effect way to see if a word or words used in the 7 keyword section of KDP are worth using.

This eBook is about how-to use the keyword tool to increase page ranking of an eBook in the Kindle Store.

The goal of this publication is to help readers of this guide to master the 7 Keyword Tool.

This manual shows how to make a comma delimited list of 7 keywords allowed in the KDP setup. Then use the keyword tool to create Kindle Store hyperlinks for each keyword. By doing this a Kindle eBook publisher can determine the page rank of an eBook.

This guide gives tips on not only using the 7 Keyword Tool. It also aids in deciphering and storing important information gleaned from the Kindle Store SERP, search engine results pages.

There are instructions on how to master the keyword casino game in the Kindle Store.

Hopefully the use of the keyword tool and its recommended techniques will assist authors to increase Kindle Store page rank and sales.

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