Is Randy Gage a Fraud?

The word scam is used far more than it should be in the multilevel marketing industry. The truth is that scams are no more common in multilevel marketing than they are in any other business, like personal contracting or plumbing or "green" home improvements.

There are plenty of examples of well established and perfectly legal multilevel marketing businesses out there. It should be no surprise that with the recent surge of interest in the multilevel marketing industry there has been an explosion in the market for various multilevel marketing training programs. All too often these training programs are being painted with the same prejudiced brush as the industry it serves.

Randy Gage has had personal experience in multilevel marketing and he clawed his way up from being a dishwasher and high school drop out to a multimillionaire today. It his complete commitment to the idea of total prosperity, both financial and spiritual, that has inspired him to share what he has learned with others.

His novels, DVDs, CDs, and other products are all designed to help other people learn the valuable lessons he has used himself to revolutionize his life. His style might be abrasive, and not everybody will learn the same way but that does not mean the lessons he has lack value.

Randy Gage offers a number of completely free resources on his website. He has an active blog as well as free newsletters. If you are not sure that Randy's in your face approach is right for you, you can always take advantage of these offerings to be certain.

It is true that many people fail to find success with multilevel marketing but that failure cannot be placed at the feet of the industry. It takes work and training to find real success in multilevel marketing, concepts that Randy Gage understands all too well.

His materials are designed to help get you motivated to put the work needed into your endeavors. His programs focus on helping you identify your own limiting conditioning and overcome it, making it possible to achieve the personal success that we are all capable of.

The key to multilevel marketing is to know how to set goals, and how to reach them. It lies in being able to convert your desires into reality, and breaking free of the limiting conditions that keep you mired in the daily grind of a traditional nine to five existence that leaves you feeling tired, sick, and unhappy. Randy's system may not be the best one for you, but you should at least look at the materials he is offering to give it a try.

Source by Jonathan Crew

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