How to Write Effective Furniture Descriptions For Article Marketing Purposes

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Using text to describe a piece of furniture can be challenging. The texts should be descriptive enough so that at the end of the description, the reader should have an accurate image in mind. Here is how to write an effective description for a piece of furniture.

1) Paint pictures with words. – Start off the description by asking the reader to imagine the furniture you are writing about. Of course, for the reader to do that, you have to provide as much details as possible. For example, what color is the furniture? What is the shape? What is it made of? How big is it? How does the texture look like? What about the surface? Is it a shiny surface or a non-glossy surface? All these little details help the reader to piece together the mental image – just like a jigsaw puzzle.

2) Provide context to help with imagination.

It’s always hard to get a mental image right without the right context. Providing context means you should also write about the environment or the surroundings. The reader wants to know how the furniture will look like in the living room, or against a brown back drop. You can write something like “Imagine this beige sofa set against a white wall. The color contrast will be quite obvious.” The reader immediately forms an image in his mind.

Sometimes, readers are just looking around for great home improvement ideas. By providing accurate descriptions of the furniture, those ideas become more realistic.

Source by Darren K Chow

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How to Write Effective Furniture Descriptions For Article Marketing Purposes
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