How to Write Articles Which Influence People to Take Action

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What is the single, most frequent mistake of article marketers?

They don’t have a clear, specific goal for their article marketing campaign. And it should be a campaign if they hope to get the results they want.

I believe that most people unconsciously want to write a great article that others will want to read. They want to provide content others will enjoy. They want to entertain so they can become popular.

You Must Go Beyond Entertainment

That’s great, but what good does it do for your online marketing efforts? You should be writing and publishing articles that will cause your readers to become clients. You want to create buyers, not with the first article, but certainly after eight or 10 articles. You do want buyers, right?

The reason so many people fail in article marketing is that they don’t have a clear long-term goal for their article writing campaign. So they give up, and take consolation in someone’s misguided belief that article marketing is dead. Wrong! Not true!

The Long-term Goal

The only thing that’s missing is the long-term goal that will guide not only your article writing, but also your other online activities, like promoting your articles in social media, producing targeted YouTube videos, to name a couple.

Imagine now that you are laser-focused on writing articles to get customers for your offerings.

Imagine further that the average customer is worth $2,000 to your business.

Would you be motivated to write 10 articles to get one customer? Would it be worth writing 20 articles to get one loyal customer?

Would it be worth writing 50 articles to get one loyal customer who knows, likes and trusts you, and eagerly reads anything you publish?

Is It Worth It?

Only you can decide what level of effort, what level of perseverance is worth the goals you have set in your online marketing.

Furthermore, without clear goals you have no way to measure whether your articles are getting results, moving you closer to success.

Know Your Long-term Goal

When you know what your goal is, everything you do is geared towards that goal. This applies not only to your articles, but also to your sales funnel, your free offer, and your auto-responder follow-up emails.

It’s like a symphony which has many instruments or activities, and you are the conductor making sure every activity is taking you to the eventual realization of your key goal.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Nothing is left to chance. All instruments, or activities must contribute their part towards achieving a beautiful piece of music. And in your case, that music is the realization of your online dreams.

So What is MY Goal With These Articles?

It’s to persuade you that I can help you get the targeted traffic you need to succeed in your online marketing efforts.

Because without traffic you will fail. Without traffic you don’t have a business. But I can show you how to avoid the pitfalls and get started on the road to online success.

Source by Juan A Rademacher

free passive income

How to Write Articles Which Influence People to Take Action
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