How to Use Comment Kahuna to Increase Visitors to Your Wwebsite?

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If you have been blogging or writing posts on your business website for some months, i assume that you would agree to the fact that the best organic way of bringing more traffic to your website is by reading other blogs related to your site or niche and dropping sensible comments. If in case you want to have a targetted traffic to your website then it is important that you select only websites based on your niche and subscribe to their RSS so that you know when ever they update their post.

By leaving proper comments on a website regularly, you not only build your reputation but also invite readers to your website if they find your comment interesting. For example, you may or may not agree to what the content of a particular post says and if in case you find something which is arguable then it is suggested that you leave a comment which will induce the visitors to click on your comment and visit the blog.

If you are looking for a simple process of dropping comments on related websites then comment kahuna is the ideal software for you. It is a completely FREE software and i have been using this for a while now. It is based on a user friendly platform that any new user can easily understand the operation. Their website also has an online video tutorial which explains you how to use this software to leave comments on selected websites.

I would like to highlight some of the key features of this software that i found very interesting:

  • It has an option to select only the do follow comment blogs which will help you gain a backlink to your website everytime you leave a comment.
  • They have a wide list of categories with websites listed inside them. You also have the PageRank of their blog displayed there by enabling you to comment on high PR blogs and websites.
  • You can create a profile with your email, web URL and name before you start commenting on sites. Now on the comment page, you don’t really need to type the name, URL and e-mail address every time as there is an auto fill feature which can do the job for you.
  • You can save your work anytime and retrieve later.

Source by Srihari Padmanabhan

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How to Use Comment Kahuna to Increase Visitors to Your Wwebsite?
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