How to Send and receive Money With UPaisa Mobile Account

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What is UPaisa Mobile Account
Upaisa mobile account is like your bank account which operates in same way as bank but you can use all the services from your mobile account in very easy and convenient way.It offers two type of primary services.
1: Send Money to other UPaisa Mobile Account2: Send Money to other CNIC NumberIt also provides many other services including purchasing mobile air time, booking advanced tickets on Daewoo, Send money to other Mobile Accounts , Make Donations and also pay your utlility bills.You can use all these services by just visiting your nearest Ufone franchize or customer care center in your area.
How to open UPaisa Mobiel AccountYou just have to visit your nearest Ufone Franchise along with your original CNIC and mobile sim.They will take photocopy of your original CNIC and make your two pictures and take thumb impression. After this you can access your Upaisa Mobile Account by dialling *786# from from your ufone mobile number.
It is very simple and easy process and all this process takes only four hours after that you can access your Ufone UPaisa Mobile account from your mobile number and enjoy all the services.How to Transfer Money to other UPaisa Mobile Account1: Enter *786# from your mobile number2: Enter 1 and select send money3: Enter Upaisa Mobile Account number4: Enter Amount to send 5: Confirm your transaction6: you will receive instant sms confirming your transactionUfone UPaisa
How to Transfer money to Bank Account1: Visit your nearest UPaisa Retailer2: Give him copy of your CNIC, Bank Name, Account Number and Person Name3: Pay him amount and tell him amount to send4: You will receive sms message on your mobile number confirming your transaction instantly
How to Transfer Money to CNIC from your UPaisa Mobile Account1: Enter your UPaisa Account Menu2: Press 1 to send Money3: Press 2 to send money to CNIC4: enter CNIC number5: Enter Amount to send6: Confirm your transaction7: You will receive instant sms message to confirm transaction
How to send Money from CNIC to CNIC1: Visit your Nearest UPaisa retailer2: Give him copy of your CNIC3: Give hime Required CNIC number of recipient4: Pay him amount 5: He will give you secret four digit transaction passcode6: When receiver will receive money you will get confirmation message.
ConclusionIt is all about mobile banking and this is very comprehensive service with many benefits. You can not only send money to mobile number , bank account and CNIC but can also avail many other services besides sending and receiving money by UPaisa Mobile Account including making donations, buy air time on your mobile.You can access your Upaisa Mobile Account at any time without any is best alternative to conventional banking and you can do all your transactions by just sending and receiving messages on your mobile number.

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How to Send and receive Money With UPaisa Mobile Account
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