How to Score Really BIG (1000+!) In Fruit Ninja Arcade

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If you own a touch based device may it be a smartphone, tablet or ultra-book, you ought to be well aware of the existence of, and perhaps, very likely also addicted to a game called "Fruit Ninja". The game is very popular in its whole, but the arcade mode of the game is most played by masses, because of its being rapid, fast-paced and providing ample of innocent fruits to slice in a short amount of time, so you could take out your stress on them mercilessly in-between your daily strained life.

The objective in the arcade mode is to score as many points as you can in 60 seconds of time. But, the scoring does not only depends on how many fruits you gut but also the style of your play. Combos, Blitzes, and Special Bananas which offer additional scorings inside your gameplay, play decisive factor along with post-game Bonus Points which bulk up to your total to make it more valued.

Although the average score, presumably, is somewhere around 400 to 500, there are many who have achieved lot more than that and not only once. Players who have adapted themselves to the way of this game have crossed another digit ie the "Thousand Mark" a number of times in the game. If you are one of those who want to know the secret behind how to do that. Following are the key aspects to master in Fruit Ninja to achieve such glory:

1. Value Every Fruit: It's as simple as that, try to cut every single fruit, the more you will cut, obviously; more are chances to score. Additionally some of fruits are 'critical' which gives you extra 10 points on cutting them, as there is no indicator or hint on which fruit might be critical, you can not afford to let go many. However you may have to let some of them go for greater good, as in to maintain your combos.

2. Try making Combos with each swipe: Cutting every fruit is good, but cutting more and more fruits in a single swipe is better, for once it saves you time, as 60 seconds are always "not enough", and second cutting 3 or more fruits in a swipe gives you double the point! Keep hitting combo swipes and you may start a blitz.

3. Blitz is the key to huge scores : Consecutive combos will make your gameplay enter in Blitz, and sustaining blitz will give you additional points. On every 3rd or 4th combo swipe Game will award you bigger and bigger Blitz Awards starting from 5 points on beginning to maximum 30 points, and will keep awarding you 30 points regularly if you manage to sustain your blitz even beyond that, mix the special bananas in the mix and you will get a jumbo glass of points smoothie.

4. Use the bananas effectively: Although, Fruit Ninja offers a vast variety of fruits to lay your fury on, Bananas are super special and super effective. Initially they give you a nice platform to build your blitz and later on they may help you turn your big blitz award into massive point orgy. There are three kinds of bananas, Freeze , which as it is named freezes time, but also make fruits go ultra-slow (like Matrix) to help you time your swipes better, also time stops, means bonus seconds to top the regular 60. Second is double, which again as its named, makes your score go double for whatever you collect in next few seconds, including combo, blitz and critical awards, making your score rocket jump to much bigger than you usually do. The last one is Frenzy, normally in arcade mode, fruits appear from bottom of the screen, but if you happen to cut a frenzy banana, fruits will start appearing from right and left side too, for a certain period of time, creating ample of scoring chances. Time your swipes properly and you may manage a gigantic combo swipe which will also be helpful for post gameplay bonus.

5. In the end: If you have a paid version of game, a dragon fruit will appear in the last second for allowing you to hit it as many times as you can in the given duration, to make a remarkable addition to your score, but this is not it. Paid version or not, according to your achievements you get 3 bonus scores to add up to your total to make it even huger. Based on various factors like, biggest combo achieved in game, number play on final score, duration of blitz and / or tricks in cutting fruits will determine your achievements and the highest three of them will be accounted for to add up in score. A 10 fruit combo, A pretty long blitz and managing the final score as a multiple of hundred or a triple digit / quadruple digit number can give you more than 150 extra bonus points to take your score way beyond your expectations, and certainly over 4 digit mark.

So, happy Fruit Ninja!

Source by Jay Ahuja

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How to Score Really BIG (1000+!) In Fruit Ninja Arcade
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