How to Make Love to a Man! The Most Important Steps You Must Be Aware of Right Now

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Sex is important in an intimate relationship. It’s a responsibility for each partner to satisfy one’s sexual desires. Although it may sound X-rated, lovemaking is not only for perverts but it becomes more significant and gratifying to people who do it because of their love and acceptance of responsibility for each other. For starters, here are great ways in making him happy on bed:

Arouse him unexpectedly

Initiate the sexual contact by arousing his senses. It’s much exciting when you strike on times when he least expects you to do it. Men like it so much when women take control of the sexual act. Start with putting yourself on top of him while you sensually rub your body with his and couple it with a torrid kiss.

Act like a slave

Whisper to his ears that you’re his slave for the night and anything he wishes is your command. Ask him what he wants you to do to him and give him that. Make him describe the specifics and keep him very excited by giving in to his imagination before you actually do it.

Dress up sexily

Wear your sexiest lingerie and tease him with it. Striptease and grind naughtily in front of him. It will make him beg for you to come and make love with him.

Do some role play

Spice up your sexual life. Do something new every now and then to make every encounter memorable and exciting. Role playing will make the sexual encounter feel like it’s the first time. Pretend to be in a scene that will spark the curiosity and sexy attitude when you start making love. Keep it fun and creative.

Make him feel relaxed

Sex is a stress reliever. Give him a massage after work. And from there make your way out to a steamy sexy intercourse with him. Giving him time to gear up for the sex per se will make the encounter feel like more than an obligation or daily routine to do.

Set the mood for him

Create an environment that will stimulate your sexual intimacy. Turn off the lights and fill the room with candlelight. Accompany it with a sweet, mellow and sexy music to arouse his senses. Fill the room with sweet smelling fragrance. Making extra effort to prepare all these will give him the sex of his life.

Show intimacy and sincerity

It’s a different experience when you make love not merely because of an overflowing libido. Make it more meaningful by making him feel how much you love him through this sensual and binding experience.

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How to Make Love to a Man! The Most Important Steps You Must Be Aware of Right Now
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