How to Know Whether Your Boyfriend Is Marriage Material

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You are on your fourth date. And you have great chemistry and bonding with your boyfriend. How do you know if he is marriage material? Read on to find out.

You ask him a few questions in order to reveal the truth to yourself. Here are a few questions to ask:

1) How do you like your family?

Suppose his response is something like this:

“My family is great. My parents have always worked hard to provide everything – food, clothing and above all, a good education. Naturally I fight with my siblings but we can’t stay even two days apart without making up.”

Now that is a great answer. It is a positive sign. What if his answer is like this: “My parents were divorced when I was a child. I don’t much care about my family because there never ever has been any love or close bonding in the family.”

Now that would be a poor rated answer and you would like to speculate on it.

2) What are your friends like?

“I have about three close friends. David and Jenny just got married and are on a honeymoon. Mary and her boyfriend have decided to get married. Jack is engaged and looking forward to his marriage.”

Now that is a high rated answer. His answer proves that he is ready to get committed to a marriage.

What if his answer is like this:

“My friends Don and Silvia broke up. Sylvia is desperately looking for a date. John and Susan are close friends of mine but they are thinking of getting separated. Henry never still could commit himself to a marriage.”

This is a poor answer. It doesn’t show any proof that your boyfriend will successfully commit to a marriage.

3) What is your work like?

“Well, I am a database administrator in the IT sector of Tektronix company. My job is to check for routine performance, make sure of all updates in the servers and check for bugs in the database systems. On the overall, I am an IT-Tech guy.”

This answer shows that he knows his job and works around well with it.

4) Are you happy with your job? How long have you been working here?

“Pretty long six years. I am happy especially with the raises and a recent promotion.”

Now that is a good rated answer. You know he is successful in his career as well and is not just a vagabond changing jobs and moving places.

You can leave out questions based on his ex-girlfriends which he may not be comfortable with at the moment. But he may be the one himself to reveal everything about them sometime later on.

On the other hand, if his answers to the questions I have discussed here are near about the good rated answers, you can happily note mentally that yes, he is a possible good soul mate and you can’t wait to take the relationship one level higher up.

Source by Rosina S Khan

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How to Know Whether Your Boyfriend Is Marriage Material
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