How to Find Connecticut CT Court Records Online

If you are looking for how to find Connecticut court records online and you have found this article then you are in luck. Not only is this author a Private Investigator but he is a Private Investigator in CT. This search is part of the daily job. In this article I will give you some tips on finding the CT court records you are looking for.

The State of Connecticut has made it very easy for individuals to gain access to basic court information. On the Connecticut Judicial Web Site there is an option for Case Look Up. In the case look up section you will be able to search all the Connecticut court records right online. This will allow you to do a party search for any name you are looking for. You will need to know your subjects name and date of birth.

The court records look up section is split up into four categories. You can search Criminal/Motor Vehicle which will give you all criminal proceedings and motor vehicle convictions. There is Family/Civil which has all civil documents like dissolutions of marriage and protective orders. Then there is Small Claims which is pretty self explanatory. The last one is Housing which will document all housing proceedings an individual was named in.  The best practice is to check your subject under each category because you may be looking for one thing but find a case that you did not know about. You can find the case look up on the State of Connecticut Judicial Web Site. (

Another thing to be aware of is court documents from different states. If you are trying to find Connecticut court records then you must have a subject in mind for whatever reason.  This subject may have court records from different states. This can happen if the person has lived somewhere else or maybe go in trouble while visiting somewhere. To do a comprehensive search for court records it is always a good idea to check a court record subscription site. They gather billions of records from courts all over the country into one database that you can search. This is the best way not to miss anything. They usually charge a small fee but when you consider all the work they do by making records so readily available to you it's worth the time and effort you will save.

Use caution when selecting a court documents database site. There are many sub-par sites that do not offer complete information and only exist to scam people. Be sure the site you select has a money back guarantee, preliminary results and some form of customer support.

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