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I sometimes get the strangest reactions from Internet marketers. You’d think I was speaking a foreign language. Well, I’m afraid that this article is probably going to have a lot of people scratching their heads in an effort to get where I am going with it. But the question I’m putting forth to you today is a simple one. Are you goal or results motivated. If you’re not sure what the difference is, let alone why it matters, you might want to read this article. If nothing else, it will get you thinking.

Let’s start with results motivation first. What exactly is it? Well, it’s just what the name suggests. Your motivation, as an Internet marketer, is to get results…nothing more and nothing less. Whatever you have to do in order to get those results is acceptable to you…within the confines of the law and ethics. Well, at least I hope so. But that’s between you and your conscience and I’m not hear to be your Jiminy Cricket.

Goal motivation is a lot different. With goal motivation, you are thinking long term. You’re not as much concerned with getting results quickly as you are with building a sustainable business and having a definite goal in mind. That goal could be to earn six figures within a year or seven figures within five years…or whatever your goal is. But the immediate results are not as important as the long term growth of your business.

Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking. What’s the difference? Certainly, if you’re getting results, you’re eventually going to reach your long term goal…right? Wrong, and that’s where most people just don’t get it. So the best way to explain is with a simple example.

Let’s take results oriented again. A marketer might want immediate results, so what they do is put together a quick down and dirty plan to write some articles, submit them to directories, point the resource boxes to a review of some product and ultimately sell the product. Certainly nothing wrong with this as a short term quick money maker. You should definitely get results. But here’s the problem.

This plan, as is, will only get you so far. Old articles will stop bringing in traffic and ultimately what you end up doing is replacing old with new. Your income reaches a certain point and doesn’t really get beyond that. Sure, there might be small fluctuations up and down, but if this model is bringing you in $3,000 a month, there is no way it is suddenly going to bring you in $10,000 a month. And certainly this will never turn into a seven figure business.

And that’s fine…if that’s all you want. There is no law that says that every marketer has to run a seven figure empire. Some people are happy with an extra $3,000 a month. But understand that most results oriented models usually end up capped at some point.

However, with a goal oriented model, provided it’s worked out well, you can go beyond that $3,000 a month. An example would be to take the above model and outsource all the writing. That way, your article production can increase tenfold if you like. You might also want to go beyond promoting affiliate products and promote your own products. You’ll probably build a list for long term growth. You’ll probably launch a line of related products to the niche you’re in. And finally, you might even provide a service to this niche where you get a residual income each month from people using the service.

That is a goal oriented model. You have a specific goal in mind, or business plan if you will. You map it out and execute each part of it…slowly. You’re not as much concerned with immediate results as you are with what’s going to come down the road. I call it long term planning. And no, it’s not for everybody.

But you need to sit down and ask yourself, are you goal or results motivated?

The answer will give you a pretty good idea of where YOUR business is heading.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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free passive income

Home Business Tips – Are You Goal Or Results Motivated?
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