Have You Been A Victim Of Being Cheated By Websites Offering Online Deals?

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“Exclusive Offer- Pay Rupees 39 and buy an earphone of Skulllolly from Vrona. Offer available only with coupons from Our Website! Hurry Up!”

How many of you have fallen for this sort of bluff? Am sure, most of you reading this article have been fooled like that. Going at the outlet by getting attracted by the deal you saw online, and then seeing the appalling reality of “additional charges mentioned in the terms and conditions” which would be hidden somewhere out of sight of the viewer! There are many marketing strategies used for attracting viewers to the websites selling online deals which want the clicks fallen on their site to be converted into customers. We understand that need of the hour is to attract as much of target audience as possible, but then the strategy of By Hook Or By Crook should never be adopted.

It is very unethical on the part of the administrator of the web business to con people into buying deals online, promising something else and then practically giving some different output. It is disgraceful for the business owner and a gruesome matter for the buyer too. It creates a Halo Effect! It is important for the business owner to know that an online presence is not the only criterion for having a good profit, because unless the customer gets satisfied, there would be no benefit of whatever plan had been adopted to promote their deal. The customer can write negative reviews for the company he bought his deal from, which might just spread like snowball.

As an online business owner, one must have authentic products and deals to sell instead of just ramming on the expectations of the people by displaying big flowery words. No matter what the length of the net is, if it has hole, no fish would be caught. And if a retailer sells a stale product to the customer, then there are 90% chances of the news being spread like fire and no more reverts to your efforts would be there.

We all keep busy with a lot of things in office and at home, but we must never let that be a point which online business makers can leverage and use against us. It is very important to be vigilant while checking out deals online. Instead of just getting blinded by the “Exclusively 100% off for you” we must get in to read whole of the information. Hard earned money should not go in vain, for if it is an online payment portal, they would not refund your money after you have purchased their deal.

Source by Amardeep Anand

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Have You Been A Victim Of Being Cheated By Websites Offering Online Deals?
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