Growing Up Rich – Advantage Or Disadvantage?

For most people, becoming rich is an aspiration.

Depending on exactly how you define rich, generally speaking, about 90% to 94% of Americans are not.

For some people, becoming rich is an idle fantasy - just some elusive, seemingly unattainable daydream. For many, it is a desire, but not a realistic goal. Maybe that's why Americans spend close to $60,000,000,000 on lottery tickets each year.

Over 90% of American kids did not grow up in a rich household. They grew up in the middle or lower classes. And what did these kids aspire to?

For many years, the cliche for boys was fireman. For girls it was mommy. Although I seriously question those two cliche answers. I suspect that if you took an actual poll, the great variety of kids' answers would be quite interesting. And it also depends on the age of the kids. Most kids' aspirations change many times as they grow up.

But how many kids have said: millionaire or rich person? Probably, not too many. And yet most adults wish they were rich.

As we all know, some kids grow up to be just that. They grow up and become rich.

The crazy thing is that these rich grownups grew up in a variety of homes: rich homes, middle class homes and poor homes. And the opposite is true as well. Some very impoverished adults grew up in rich homes, middle class homes and poor homes.

Donald Trump and Bill Gates grew up fairly rich, and they ended up billionaires. Oprah Winfrey and Sam Walton grew up fairly poor, and they also ended up billionaires. On the other hand, many Rockefellers and Kennedys are not nearly as rich as their parents were.

Unless you inherit money or win a big lottery, your best bet to become rich is with a good job, a good business, a good home business or with good investments, or with a combination of these. A really good business or home business is generally the quickest path.

You may also wonder: at what age do people begin to aspire to becoming rich? Is it while they are kids, teens, young adults, middle-aged adults or even later in life?

And when do people actually grow up? I think the vast majority of people are always learning something new, always changing and expanding their horizons. And many individuals maintain a little kid in them throughout their lives. Aren't our penchants for recreation and learning two parts of it? The bottom line: most people are always changing, learning, exploring and always growing up.

Some people never grow up. They are dreaming new dreams and exploring new options yearly. Their aspirations change with their dreams and their focus. For many people the aspiration to get rich is a lifelong dream. And sadly, for many, it is never attained.

Other people come to a decision point in their lives. Sometime a tragic event causes it. Sometimes it's just getting sick and tired of the frustration of being poor. They decide to get rich. They decide to attract wealth into their lives.

It all starts with the strong desire, the willingness to make the decision, the willingness to become more open minded, and the willingness to change one's thoughts and behaviors.

Ask any self-made rich person. They will tell you it all starts in the human mind. Decide what rich will look like and feel like to you. You have to focus on it, choose it, envision it, believe it and attract it. And when good opportunities arise you have to go for it 100% and never give up working on your big goals and your big visions! You may have to adapt and change to overcome obstacles along the way, but your big vision must not evaporate. Keep it fresh. See it, be it, do it, and within time, you will attain it.

Don't let how you grew up -- whether rich, poor or middle class -- stop you from attracting your big dreams into your life. In fact, don't let anything stop you. It is quite sad that some people lose hope and say it is too late. They think: maybe in my next life.

All self-made wealth starts in the mind. Your dreams can truly become your reality if you powerfully envision, believe and take action. Suggestion: Do it while you are alive. Enjoy this life.

Source by Ralph Merritt Nedelkoff

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