Focus on Your Focus

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You must be clear on how you want to live your life. In business, you focus on a model you want to create and see yourself growing it into a type of income that you want to develop.

You must get the big picture of your life for yourself, or someone else will create one for you. Which means you need be clear on what that life looks like.

When people first start out online, the most common reason is to get out of debt. Once you realize what’s possible, you will make your goals bigger and bigger, like make enough money to help out family or friends.

When you reach a goal, you usually celebrate the victory and want to make more. At some point, money won’t motivate you to keep going. You think you can automate everything and take it easy.

What happens when you do that? You get lazy and that’s when you fail.

You never see anyone talking about the bad times, just the opposite.

How does someone find the energy and passion to stay motivated? You choose to do it and take the actions you need to in order to get results.

If you want to be successful, do not pursue something just because someone said it’s what you should be doing.

Don’t build a business someone tells you is right or chase an opportunity because it will make you a bunch of money.

When you define what you want, everything becomes clear on what you should do next.

Point being is to pick something you want and see it through until you make it successful. Then keep building to make it better and better.

So what I’m saying to you is to focus on your focus.

Pick a business model, determine your traffic source and hit the ground running.

The timing will never be right and you will, without a doubt, hit obstacles and have learning curves you will have to find solutions for.

If you stick with it and you’re determined to reach your goal, nothing will stop you.

To make it work, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes and figure out the obstacles.

When you get clear on your vision, you will find products that help you get closer to your goal. You will do the things daily you need to move you one step closer to your goal and you will be excited to work on your business everyday.

Source by Sheldon Mohl

free passive income

Focus on Your Focus
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