Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew Cover Letters – How to Write Them Effectively

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Your chances of succeeding in your job applications is enhanced when you include a well written flight attendant cover letter along with your resume/CV. Recruitment personnel of commercial airlines are faced with numerous applications for flight attendant (cabin crew) positions. A carefully crafted covering letter should be brief and not contain too much information that it becomes a replica of your resume. The letter is your opportunity to introduce yourself and briefly mention your background, experience and expertise. This will draw the reader’s attention, adding impetus to your resume, giving it heightened prominence.

Your letter should be summarised in 3 or 4 paragraphs and a maximum of 5 paragraphs is acceptable. Importantly, your letter should not be a copy of your resume/CV. In the first letter introduce yourself and refer to the vacant position, affirming your interest, giving reasons by briefly mentioning your background. You should explain that the flight attendant position you are seeking is a natural progression in your career development.

The main body of your letter should comprise the second and third paragraphs. In this section of your covering letter, mention your current / most recent position along with the demonstrable competencies and skills you used to execute your remit. Also mention the job position that preceded that role and the skills used in your daily workload. Mention how your roles have helped you develop, hone and acquire skills. If you are aspiring for a Flight Attendant Manager role, mention how you have demonstrated managerial and organizational skills in the past, not only in work but also in your leisure pursuits. You should highlight skills and competencies relevant to those used by flight attendants and cabin crew.

These skills include:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • A diplomatic approach to dealing with dificult passengers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A friendly, warm and assured personality
  • Enjoyment and desire to serve and assist others
  • Good mental arithmetic skills for handling cash and multiple currencies
  • Ability to work quickly and proactively within solutions-orientated teams
  • Ability to work effectively in an assured manner, working under pressure

If you write your cover letter along these lines, it will carry persuasive impact and create a professional impression in the mind of the reader. Conclude your letter as you started, in a persuasive and professional manner by re-affirming your interest in the position. You should already have researched the airline prior to making your application by visiting their website and reading their press releases and other literature. Find out about their corporate culture and the opportunities and level of support they offer for staff development. Mention what you know about the employer from your research and how it fits with your career development goals. Let them know you want to be a part of their organization. Employers notice competent candidates that show interest and demonstrate knowledge of their organization. In addition mention that the skills and qualities that are evident in your resume/ CV are highly relevant to the flight attendant vacancy. Also mention that your confidence, enthusiasm and commitment would be hugely valuable to the airline.

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Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew Cover Letters – How to Write Them Effectively
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