Disadvantages of Book Clubs

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In today’s world, the concept of book clubs has changed. Now instead of a handful of members there are thousands and thousands. There are book club meetings, but not every member becomes a part of them. People join book clubs to save money on books as clubs offer discounted copies. They also join to save their trip to the book store because of online facility of book clubs.

Another very important thing to be noted is the prices. Introductory offers are great, but the future prices can give you frights, and thus, it kind of ends the main reason why someone should enroll for a book club.

Also the intricacies of checking boxes according to the features that you want and do not want are quite annoying as well.

If you are enrolling into a categorized book club, that can prove as a disadvantage for you if you want to read books of some other genre.

They key to choose the right book club is to keep in mind all the options and then come to a conclusion. Never haste into a membership, which can make your life more difficult than easier.

It is always beneficial to ask the members of the clubs about the problems they’ve faced so far and why did they choose this particular book club. This would give you all the positive and negative aspects of various book clubs.

Also, if you are planning to start your own book club, then do keep in mind the shortcomings of other book clubs that would help people choose you over them!

Source by Tarang Bhargava

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Disadvantages of Book Clubs
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