Digital Marketing Trends 2012

Digital Marketing Trends 2012

One of the presenters was Steve Sammartino, a planning and integration directory from Grey. He outlined the way the integration of technology changes the way people usually do their business. He supported his thought by exhibiting a few of the information from the Eye on Australia 2012 research.

The ideas provided by Steve are similar to what the writer of UnMarketing, Scott Stratten. With the Australian perspective which has a research results to support the claims makes the whole topic much more interesting.

Fragmentation on Media

Time will arrive that it is advertisers will probably have a problem and would spend more money in order to reach particular viewers. This is due to the increasing numbers of people have the luxury to subscribe on the channels they love online. While it's true that there is still those that are going to print ads and television, it is also true that setting up a channel for your brand will become popular soon.

It is a wise decision to get started on creating a brand channel that people can connect to.

Shifting from Interruption Marketing to Permission Marketing

Spamming social networks using the business you are marketing is not helpful at all. The way you talk in the social communities should be the same as how you talk personally.

The online world has become transforming into a medium where people can communicate without the need of seeing each other personally. It is an fascinating way to stillcommunicate and facilitate connection virtually.

The buzz today is for organizations to think out of the box and take part in a conversation instead of purely blabbing about their merchandise.

Anyone can make anything

Currently, people are not interest about what company creates what. They are interested in how specific brands can help the standard of living. Imagining how we can improve people's lifestyle is extremely important.

Smart Phones

The advent of smart phones carries with it an have an effect on the people's lifestyle. This is because smart phones allow us to link with one another 24/7. It makes our way of life simplier and easier by allowing us to communicate, to instruct our phones, to look for the things we need or the places we need to go. It is safe to say that smart phones are becoming necessary not only a luxury.

The massive usage of smart phone is a confirmation that we are in the process of through a revolution. With this, it is not easier to have a voice and be heard.

Reinventing Ideas

There are many of ways on how we can combine and make usage of technology in our businesses. The key is to obtain options and mash them up.

What is true at present may not be really true tomorrow. At one point, the Yellow pages was the most popular "go to" item people who need something, now its Google.
Before, people visits music stores and buy CDs. Now, almost all music is available on itunes and expenses can be done online.

Regularly reinvent your business so that you can manage the modern technological trend. With this, we can guarantee that we are safe guarding our business with the volume of customers as opposed to the structure. Harness the power of employing a Social Media Strategy for your business.

Becky Peck specialises in Digital Marketing. She is an expert in Web Design, Search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. She freelances at Swoop Digital and works with local businesses to manage their social media campaigns. To get digital marketing tips to visit Swoop Digital.

Digital Marketing Trends 2012
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