College students use social media to cheat from free essay checkers

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Cheating has become a vital part of 21st century. A lot of people simply take it for granted, which is really bad. Everyone expect cheating from all possible sources of everyday life, including celebrities, politics, education and medical care. But what is the relation of students towards cheating? What do they think about using a plagiarism website for checking their written papers?

  • Almost 51% of the students admitted cheating at the exams during the past year of the studying;
  • 49% told that that have never cheated during the exams;
  • 23% have cheated once during the academic year;
  • 22% of males cheated only 1 time in their life;
  • 30% of males cheated 2 times;
  • 25% of females cheated only 1 time;
  • 26% cheated 2 times


There are many different ways a student can cheat at the university, they would even use plagiarism website checker for that. It may be done purposely or not.

  • Downloading papers from the web;
  • Text plagiarizing;
  • Sending messages with answers to peers during the exam;
  • Viewing saved notes on a phone during the examination;
  • Usage of phone and their access to The Internet during the test;
  • Hiring another person, who can take online test instead of them;
  • Faking university recommendation letters and test scores;
  • Making tests photos and passing them online

Many instructors encourage their students to use websites to check for plagiarism their essay and other written papers.


There is no exact data and demographic concerning the age and type of students, who are likely cheat most of all. The general list includes all kinds of students, including those with low and high grades. The member of sorority and fraternity also tend to cheat


The diversity of information in the Internet and social media makes it possible for everyone cheat. Many are interested in what and why they are doing this? Here is the list of the most frequents reasons for cheating and using social media for that purpose:

  • Pressure of a peer to help him;
  • Gains are more important than penalties;
  • Vague possibility of being caught;
  • High school emphasis on points, but not comprehending the subject;
  • Pressure because of work;
  • Educator unfairness;
  • They just want to do it and forget;
  • Low value of class tasks;
  • Lack of any desire and efforts


  1. Check the hands of the students when they are entering the auditorium for the exam;
  2. Ban the usage of various electronic devices;
  3. With the help of other teacher try monitoring the room;
  4. Be attentive to various physical movements and signals;
  5. The usage of essay checker online to detect plagiarism;
  6. Creating new tests, which were not used previously;
  7. Keep all the materials for tests locked with a strong password;
  8. Create a lot of tests versions;
  9. Signing a pledge by students before an exam;
  10. Try to learn the style of each student’s writing, grammar, and phrasing;
  11. Ask your students explaining what they have written in the paper and what wanted to say buy it.


College cheating is so common these days. The teachers are interested if their students check the essay to know “is it plagiarism” or not? Nowadays there are so many free essay checkers online, which makes it possible cheating without any additional problems. Students’ do not find it to be a great violation.


Students are very attracted to using those free essay checkers due to a number of reasons. They provide you with a perfect citation style. They know everything about formatting and creating the references. No matter what kind of writing you should create, they would certainly help you handling the situation. With such services, you can forget about all those nightmares, which may accompany you during essay writing. The writers of such a service will create you a wonderful paper, meeting all the requirement and deadlines. They will save all the rules of formatting and writing, so you shouldn’t worry about this. You are guaranteed success when using a free essay checker. You’ll get a high-quality work in a few seconds.

Except this, the writers of the site will detect any possible plagiarism in the work, making it unique and interesting. Your topic will have a deep and thorough research in various sources. Your written paper will really shine with rare examples and information, found by these writers. Be sure, that even a well-experienced professor won’t notice anything, when handing in the paper.The best academic achievement is promised by such sites, so it’s not surprising they are so popular among the students.

Source by Rita Lee

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College students use social media to cheat from free essay checkers
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