Blogging For Cash – 5 Easy Steps To Getting Paid Online

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Are you blogging for cash? If not then you are really missing the boat when it comes to making a steady income online. There are a lot of people that still believe that there is no money in blogging while others are making a fortune from the living rooms or bedroom.

If you want to start blogging for cash here a 5 steps to get you going.

1. Select your niche and stake your claim. You want to find a niche that is boiling over with buyers that is to say people that are spending money to solve their problems. This is known as a hungry market. The best way to find hungry niches is to visit online forums or visit Google Hot Trends.

2. You need to decide on a topic for your blog. The more focused and targeted your blog is the better it will preform. A blog that is focused on improving your golf swing will be much better than a generic blog on golf. You will get much more targeted visitors with a specific niche.

3. You will need great content for your blog. This can come in the form of articles that you can write or hire an article writer to do if for you. I would recommend writing them yourself. You can then submit them to free article directories and generate more traffic to your blog.

4. Set your blog up to make money. There are several ways to do this but I would recommend setting your blog with products that enhance your niche. Use banners and small graphics provided by your affiliate merchants webpage. Or you can use widgets.

5. Market your completed blog for traffic generation. The best way to get targeted traffic to your blog is through article marketing. If you can write an email you can write an article. It is not as hard as most people think. You only need to write a 300-400 word article about your niche and then in your authors resource box (at the end of your article) place your link to your blog. Traffic generation is the key to blogging for cash.

To start blogging for cash you need not spend any money since all of the methods here are free. Go to blogger and set up your blog. Go to Clickbank and sign up as an affiliate. Set up your blog then start writing articles. Write at least 2 a day which should only take you about 1 hour. Update your blog at least twice a week and start watching the traffic and sales roll in.

Source by Bud Audas

free passive income

Blogging For Cash – 5 Easy Steps To Getting Paid Online
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