Best 6 Natural Eye Remedies

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A late night out, the common cold or shedding a few tears quickly remind us of the fact when we look at our eyes in the mirror. Raising a family creates a need at one time or another for mothers to work their magic on sore and irritated eyes. Quick natural eye remedies from our kitchen are very handy. Mothers and women will appreciate this convenient option.

Women are constantly seeking quick tricks to alter their overnight flaws as they arrive unwontedly on our face. Our eyes tell us quickly when they do not feel right and so does the mirror. Quick remedies are the trick. Getting into the car to buy the remedy is not fast enough and when the store is closed, there is no access. What could be easier than a walk to our kitchen?

Eyes are very susceptible to swelling because they are such sensitive receptors.

Did you know that the eyes are the most sensitive body organs, yet they are continuously exposed to pollution and dust amongst other things? We take this for granted and hardly pay attention to them until they throb or swell or ooze liquid warning us that something has distressed them.

Nature once again provides us with its simple support. Regrettably, city living too often distracts us from natural remedies until we remember that it is our most basic ally and that we can turn to it for virtually anything.

If you have puffy, swollen, red, tired eyes or conjunctivitis then these simple remedies will be just what the doctor ordered for your home. They are handy and fast and are available when you least expect a puffy or red eye. Mothers, take a look and see how easy these quick fixes made in our kitchens are.

Try these quick easy home made natural eye compressors and rinses below.

Eyes Compress with Apples– a compress for swollen, puffy eyes

-Place a heaped teaspoon of grated apple between 2 squares of gauze

-Place each square over the closed eyes

-Lie down for 20 minutes

-To remove, rinse with warm water.

Eye Rinse with Parsley – a rinse for tired eyes, helps to clear conjunctivitis

-I handful of fresh parsley

-750ml (3 cups) of water

-Rinse the parsley well

-Place parsley in a heatproof dish

-Boil water and pour over the parsley

-Leave to cool and to infuse for several hours

-Strain through a fine sieve or muslin cloth

-Fill an eye bath with the cooled liquid

-Rinse the open eye, blinking a few times

-If necessary, use several times a day

Eye Compress with Potatoes – a compress for swollen, puffy eyes

-Grate a raw potato

-Strain its juice through a muslin cloth

-Soak 2 cotton-wool pads / balls in the juice

-Place on the eyelids for 20 minutes

-Rinse with warm water

Eye Compress with Eggs– a compress to revitalize tired eyes, puffiness

-First, bath the eyes with cool water

-Then dab beaten egg white on the skin around them

-Leave to dry for a few minutes until the mask hardens

-Remove by rinsing off with warm water

Eye Soother with Chamomile Tea Bags– soothes red, tired eyes

-Moisten and cool the tea bags

-Place over your closed eyes for 10 minutes

Instant Eye Soother

-Place 2 cooled tea bags over your closed eyelids for 10 minutes

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Source by Kiki Bakker

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Best 6 Natural Eye Remedies
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