Asking for Her Number

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There are so many guys out there that are unsure of how to ask for a girl’s number. However, getting her number is easier than most people might think. There are many techniques than one may apply that don’t involve buying her lots of drinks. There are some steps that one might follow and by following them you will have a high chance of getting her number.

Observe her

Study her body language. If she is closed and reserved, chances of getting her number are very slim. However, if she is open and genuinely interested in the conversation, chances are that she may be willing to listen to you. This is good as it gives you a chance to talk to her.

Make it lively

Most girls cannot stand boring guys. It is, therefore, your duty to ensure that she is interested in the conversation that you guys are having. Her body language and the way she talks will tell you a lot about how she feels. If she maintains an eye contact, it means that she is paying attention to what you guys are discussing. Talk to her about things that interest her.

Be bold

Girls like guys that are in control; guys that know what it is that they want. You may use a simple statement like, “I would like to know you more, is it okay if we exchanged our contacts?” Such statements are an indication you know what you want and will do everything to get it. At the same time, it is important to ensure that you are polite when doing it. Most guys think arrogance is a cool thing when it comes to girls; the truth is that it is a total dick move.

Use humor

For you to win a girl’s heart and to make her yield to your plans, you will need to be funny. Being uptight will not really help your case. Make her laugh, that way, she will be more open to giving out her number. She will need to have some degree of trust in you before she can trust you with her number. You will, therefore need to create this avenue for her.

The above are some few moves that make it easy to get a girl’s number. The most important thing to ensure is that you be sweet and easy to talk to. Girls really love that.

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Asking for Her Number
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