50 Features Small Business Websites Must Have

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Features Small Business Websites Must Have

Your website is your opportunity to showcase your products and services globally and the idea that it just has to exist and ‘be there’ for people to start piling in and buy what you’re selling could not be further from the truth. But still there are 50% of small business owners who do not have a website.

A lot of thought and time goes into designing a perfect website – especially if you want it to start generating leads and raking in money somewhere along the way.

Why is it important that your logo and tagline are visible right off the bat? How does the color of your call to action button affect your sales? Why should your USP feature prominently on your page? So many different questions and we haven’t even moved below the fold!

This infographic by 99MediaLab tackles all those questions head on, detailing everything that an effective small business website must incorporate in order to promote your business in the right way and meet the expectations of your visitors and customers to be. Spend some time studying it; we’re certain it will allow you to pinpoint some areas you can improve on your current website. If nothing else, it will definitely give you the tools you are going to need when designing your next site. <Source>

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Do share this infographic on your favorite social media platform. Do let me know if we missed any feature in the above infographic.

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50 Features Small Business Websites Must Have
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