3 Main Types Of Autoresponders – The Advantages And Disadvantages

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Autoresponders can be divided into three main types – remotely hosted, locally hosted, and desktop hosted. Not knowing the differences can result in wrong purchase.

Perhaps Remotely Hosted Autoresponder is the best type for beginners because many activities are handled by other companies. You don’t have to install a script on your server or a software on your PC. There is no technical knowledge needed to set up things and to start using the autoresponder. You don’t even need to worry about bugs and upgrading. But there are some disadvantages of using such services. Between the facts that there are many simplicities in using a remotely hosted automatic responder, you have to pay on monthly or yearly basis. In addition, If the autoresponder company goes out of business, your activities will be interrupted.

The second type is Locally Hosted Autoresponder. This type of autoresponder requires you to install a script on your own host. Although some companies are willing to do it for you for free but usually there is an installation cost you have to pay. The advantage of using locally hosted automatic responder is you will have total control. Some companies even allow you to customize the scripts so that you can add some extra features. Another advantage is you don’t have to pay for monthly or yearly subscription.

Desktop Hosted Autoresponder is an automatic responder program that runs through your own PC. Normally, you need to provide some information like the SMTP and POP3 server of your ISP and have to keep your PC runs and being connected to internet in order to have it runs. In addition, if your ISP implements a restriction on the amount of emails that can be sent out (in order to avoid spamming), you will meet difficulties when you have a lot of subscribers. In addition, because the program runs on your PC, if your PC is in trouble, you may not be able to use it. However, similar with locally hosted type, there is no subscription cost in oder to use this type of automatic responder. Pay once, use forever! Besides, you don’t have to follow some of the stiffer rules imposed by autoresponder services.

Before you decide to purchase an autoresponder, you should always compare and see what each one has to offer. Think about your budget as well as your requirements. What’s the best idea for you may be completely useless to someone else.

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3 Main Types Of Autoresponders – The Advantages And Disadvantages
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