10 Top Facebook marketing strategies for businesses

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  • 1. Influence existing traffic to site:- It is advised to have website for businesses which function as sales transaction hub or storefront for people to buy products with adequate knowledge on the service or product.
    Maximum traffic is leveraged on site by placing the social media icon in a way which people easily see and click it. In fact, it is a direct link to Facebook page and used by other social media account pages too.
    Today, almost all websites put their social media icon right at the top of their home page or header for users to easily locate these icons once they open the page. It is a better option as it allows for Maximum Click through Rate (CTR) position.
    2. Display Fan page URL by using e-mail signature:- One of the most effective ways to reach contacts or customers is to use e-mail signature which helps in display of fan page URL. This tact is used mainly to let recipient easily track and click social media page URL right at the bottom of e-mail messages or at the company’s signature. This step again helps to convert traffic or following.
    Another tact by which businesses gain attention on Facebook is by highlighting current events on Social Media pages on e-mail signature as it allows for call-to-action format.
    3. Reach people with e-mails:- One of the ways to know that one is on Facebook is through sending e-mail to many users’. Here again for most effective results it is important to send emails on Monday to Wednesday as it gives maximum conversions. It through research that it has been learned that morning e-mails give greater CTR facility.
    4. Publicize Facebook Page In-store: – to let customers know more about the business, it is important to promote the Facebook page in-store and any other social media page in store of the particular business to let their customers know about it on Facebook. Do not apply for the marketing only on online but it should be done offline too.
    The social media account page is also linked with business cards, front mirror or doors, walls, packaging and many more.
    5. Look for a good day to promote your post: – Facebook page have an insight section in which the marketer can identify the average time in which the fan are online and the posts will receive good response. One can check the best hour when fans are online and based on it, schedule posts for good response.

    Move to Facebook Page and look for ‘see insights’ positioned above the page and click it. One will find the entire overview of the insight. Check all the details in it and Click on Posts tab. One can schedule a day to post their blog at the best hour when fans are online.
    Tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social are helpful to find useful data and metrics which specify about posts to be used for social media copies.
    6. Create and plan for status update:- If the status update planning works in favor of the business, it can garner as many potential customer as it targets for out of the many active Facebook user. The advantages of this platform can be used to maximum extent if the planning goes in the right track. The post contents can be used with consistency and it is done with a purpose to educate, entertain and empower the targeted audience.
    The use of emoticons helps in increasing comments on Facebook by good margin. Posts with emoticons also give back good response. Another kind of posts which gets good response is question posts. Built-in feature of Facebook is designed to allow posts to appear on page later.
    7. Use Facebook Plug-ins most: – It is important to integrate Facebook Plugins for customers as it gives them maximum advantages for brand awareness and increase followers on Facebook. Blogs or websites having sidebars, one can make use of Facebook like Box or Like Button.
    For blog Posts and website pages, one can use Like Buttons or identify which plug-in could work best for the website.
    8. Make use of Facebook ads: – It has been found that Facebook Ads give businesses a lift with good conversion rate. This conversion allows for more business growth at the end of the day.
    9. Use fan tagging options most:- Make maximum use of tag feature in Facebook as it allow the fans to feel personal and an integral part of the business page. This tagging feature not just allow fan tagging but tagging of other Facebook pages also.
    10. Create customized Facebook Page Tab or Apps :- Creation of such allow new visitors to see details of Events, contest, opt-in forms and deals to gain more Fans and Likes to the page. Interactivity between customer and business receives good treatment with Page tab and App creation.

Source by Mathew Roger

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10 Top Facebook marketing strategies for businesses
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